We are an ordinary Ukrainian family, with a team of volunteers helping our army to win the war started by Russia.

Before the war, I, the creator of the "Voodoo Orc” doll, was a self-defence and Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer. Before that, I was an art critic editor and editor-in-chief of a magazine.

My husband is a professional soldier who devoted his whole life to the army. Before the war, he also used to train children in martial arts.

From the first day of the Russian invasion, he stood up for the defence of his country, while I had to leave for Poland with our son and pets. However, the desire to be around and useful, helped me overcome my fears and return back to Ukraine.

In autumn 2022, I started making and sending trench candles to the front lines. Later, thanks to caring people, more items were added to the aid: clothes, evacuation slings, food and medicine. At that time, wanting to help the Ukrainian army even more, the "Orc voodoo" doll idea came up as a means to collect more money for the army necessities we have been sending already.
I started making the dolls. All proceeds from the sales are used to buy things necessary for the military, paraffin for making candles and much more. All those parcels are being sent to the front lines, where they needed most, weekly.

All my dolls are unique and sewn by hand from a trophy Russian military uniform, which Ukrainian fighters send us as gratitude for our help.

"Voodoo Orcs" became famous not only in Ukraine but also around the world. They do not leave anyone indifferent - they are either admired or feared.

Many ukrainians buy them to channel their anger, while others are looking for a keepsake from the war. Either way, with every sold doll, we are getting closer to the victory.

This is why we created this store. So that anyone who wants to support Ukraine and it's brave soldiers, can do that by purchasing our dolls.

We thank everyone who fights today on the side of light and democracy and brings our victory closer.

Glory to Ukraine!