In the photos - settlements near Kyiv: Gorenka, Moschun, Gostomel, which were mercilessly shelled from the first days of the full-scale invasion.


On February 24, 2022, the Russians landed military troops in Gostomel and attempted to capture the Antonov airfield. They have planned to use it for the rapid airdrop of equipment and manpower in order to further occupy the capital of Ukraine. By virtue to the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian military and ordinary people who joined the battle for their city, the "Gostomel" operation failed. This became a turning point in Russia's further war against sovereign Ukraine.

"On February 24th of last year, the battle for the capital of Ukraine began in Gostomel, Kyiv region. Here, the myth of the invincibility of the Russian army was shattered. Here, the Kremlin's ambitions to "take Kyiv in three days" were dispelled. And here, in five weeks of occupation, the "Russian World" showed its real essence: robbery, torture, mass murders" citing the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak.


Moschun was also a strategically important position for the Russians, as by capturing it they could reach the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It was on Moschun that the Russian army threw its qualified fighters and a significant amount of military equipment. The battle for Moschun became one of the fiercest battles during the defense of Kyiv, which lasted from February 27 to March 21, 2022. During heavy fighting in the village, about 2,000 out of 2,800 houses were destroyed.


The village of Gorenka, Buchansky district, Kyiv region, suffered the greatest destruction as a result of Russian aggression. According to the UN, it is damaged by almost 80%.

The Russians destroyed Gorenka mercilessly and purposefully, shelling it, including from rocket missiles "Hrad".

People who did not have time to evacuate were forced to hide in basements during these terrible days. They had no communication, no electricity, no gas, and no access to medical care, water, or food.

Many people were held captive, subjected to abuse and torture, or were brutally executed by Russian soldiers.